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Seeds Trust

Seed company of the future...

If we are going to live here for a long time, we need to develop our own sustainable agriculture.

If we are going to develop our own sustainable agriculture, we need to sustain a genetically diverse agriculture. The strength of our agricultural ecosystem will depend on its diversity.

If we are going to sustain a genetically diverse agriculture, we need to redevelop a network of gardeners and farmers, each producing, saving and trading seeds adapted to their own unique conditions. Agriculture was developed and sustained in this manner for 10,000 years.

If we are going to redevelop a network of gardeners and farmers that produce, save and trade seeds, we need a new kind of seed company. We need companies that don't just sell gardeners and farmers all their seeds each year. Instead, the seed company of the future will search the world's remaining agricultural resources constantly to find new supplies of important, adapted, open-pollinated varieties. It will then teach its customers to save their own seeds from individual plants doing best in their own gardens and farms.

Seeds Trust was started for this reason. It is nothing more than a conservative, long-term plan to help support and increase the priceless diversity now being squandered.

You can help immediately by sending us new varieties. We will be happy to reward you with your choice of one of our packets of seed.


We are dedicated...

We are dedicated to the philosophy of sustainable agriculture.

All of our seeds are untreated and suitable for certified organic gardens and farms.

The choices in our catalog and on our website represent a culmination of 25 years of customer feedback, field testing and searches near and far for seeds that expand the planet’s genetic resources. We sell heirloom (passed on from generation to generation), open-pollinated (will reproduce true to form), vegetable, native wildflower, native grass and medicinal herb seeds.

We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality seed available. More than half of our varieties are now organically grown, and we continue transitioning our entire stock. When purchasing non-organic seeds, when possible, we purchase, from growers who are making the transition to organic agriculture. In addition, we try to educate growers who still insist on supplying the market with non-organically grown seeds.

We sell mostly non-hybrid (open-pollinated) varieties. Seeds from non-hybrid varieties will reproduce faithfully as opposed to seeds from F1 hybrids which produce sterile or unreliable seed. Our seeds allow you to save your own seeds from individual plants which adapt well in your garden. We invite you to join this exciting and fulfilling ritual.

We encourage and teach seed saving. We promote this ancient ritual because it strengthens diversity region to region. It enhances and legitimizes the local food movement when using seeds adapted to an area. It also helps create food security. Most importantly, we think the food grown from local seeds tastes better!

We collect wildflower seeds in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.

We have taken the safe seed pledge. We do not buy, sell or use genetically modified seeds.

Everything we sell comes with our complete guarantee.


We are...

Seeds Trust is a family-owned corporation. We lived in central Idaho, one of the world's great seed producing regions, since the early 1950's. Bill started the seed company in 1984. He is the president, writes the catalog, keeps the computers running, and grows, processes and wildcrafts more than 60 varieties of seeds. In 2005, Seeds Trust moved to Cornville, Arizona in the Verde Valley. Bill’s wife Belle handles marketing and media and works side by side with Bill to develop product lines that respond to customer requests (more collections, Seeds Trust Southwest, Bucket of Seeds, Soil Secrets, etc.). Bill’s father, Wes heads up the mailroom (he is the mailroom!). He grows seeds, tests new varieties and performs germination tests. Mother Lucille is head packager and keeps everyone apprised of important Laker updates.



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