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Culinary Herbs

Most herbs are easy to grow and are quite happy in poor, gravelly soils. Besides being essential to fine cuisine, herbs can be used medicinally and are effective insect repellents. For a complete listing of our herbs and their uses as well as planting, growing and harvesting instructions, see our herbs information page.

Each packet comes with its own planting instructions.

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BASIL, ITALIAN MT - Ocimum basilicum* (1/2 g.) (310 seeds)


From the mountains of northern Italy. More tolerant of cold climates than other varieties. Deep, rich basil flavor...

BASIL, SWEET - Ocimum basilicum* (1 g.) (330 seeds)


Summer-long pleasure awaits if leaves are continually pinched back. Use is salads, soups and of course, pesto...

BORAGE - Borago officinalis (1 g.) (60 seeds)


Brighten your garden and your summer cuisine with these beautiful...

CAMOMILE - Matricaria recutia (1/10 g.) (950 seeds)


Chamomile tea has been used for centuries to calm nerves...

CHIVES - Allium schoenopprasum (1 g.) (900 seeds)


Experience the delicious, fresh, delicate-onion flavor of chives on...

CHIVES, GARLIC - Allium tuberosum (1 g.) (200 seeds)


Chinese Leeks. Accent your salads and brighten stir-fry cooking...

CILANTRO - Coriandrum sativum* (2 g.) (110 seeds)


Produces incredibly fragrant, glossy, bright green leaves. New strain selected...

COLLECTION - Gourmet Herbs (8 pkts.)


Herbs to add gourmet flavor to soups, salads and...

DILL - Anethum graveolens* (1 g.) (700 seeds)


Garnish cucumber salads, cold summer soups or freshly baked mountain...

LEMON BALM - Melissa officinalis (1/4 g.) (380 seeds)


Surprisingly strong fresh, mouth-watering, lemony fragrance and flavor for...

MINT, MOUNTAIN - Pycnanthemum pilosum (1/10 g.) (110 seeds)


Mountain mint is the best seed grown mint we have...

OREGANO, TRUE GREEK - Origanum spp. (1/10 g.) (1200 seeds)


Pinkish-white flowers decorate this herb that doubles as a perfect ground cover with soft gray-green leaves. 12-18" tall.

PARSLEY, CURLED - Forest Green (1 g.)


Parsley. Triple-curled market variety with long, stiff, upright stems...

PARSLEY, ITALIAN - Plainleaf* (1 g.)


Survives mountain winters and desert summers to provide nutritious greens...

SAGE - Salvia officinalis (1/2 g.) (60 seeds)


Add to meats, poultry, stuffings, sauces and gravies. Medicinally, sage was used as a wash for sore throats...

SORREL - Rumex acetosa (1/2 g.)


Sorrel. France. One of the first springs greens to appear...

Special Edition Herb Collection


This is a one of a kind hand-illustrated and specially designed herb collection. This collection was crafted as a kick-off to help fund our new website and give a sneak peek into some of our new design ideas. Cheers to your wonderful gardens and thank you

THYME - Thymus vulgaris (1/10 g.) (330 seeds)


German, English or Winter Thyme. One of the most popular...

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