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Cold Season Vegetables

Cold season vegetables survive unexpected snow, frost and cold weather during a normal summer growing season. We encourage gardeners new to the mountains to choose exclusively, cold season vegetables. Arugula, asparagus, fava bean, beet, broccoli, brussels sprout, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, Chinese celery, chicory, corn salad, kale, leek, lettuce, oriental mustard, onion, pac choi, parsnip, pea, radish, spinach, Swiss chard and turnip are all examples of cold season vegetables. Some are indestructible in all forms of frost and snow while others such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower need some protection when very young. Generally all will allow a gardener to ignore mid-summer frost danger.

For additional detailed information see our vegetable information page.

Cold Season Vegetables
       Fava Beans
       Swiss Chard

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ARUGULA - Rocquette (1 g.) (300 seeds)


Distinct, peppery flavor. We have found it forms a natural guild with mesquite in the desert...

ASPARAGUS - Mary Washington (4 g.) (100 seeds)


Tight tip on large shoots holds bud longer...

BEANS, FAVA - Windsor (1 lb.)


Delicious, large, flat, meaty beans in long pods. Delightfully sweet.

BEANS, FAVA - Windsor (2 oz.) (40 seeds)


Delicious, large, flat, meaty beans in long pods. Delightfully sweet.

BEETS - Detroit Red (4 g.) (220 seeds)


A true heirloom dating back to 1892. The standard in...

BEETS - Early Wonder Tall Top* (4 g.) (220 seeds)


Our earliest and most popular variety. Produces an abundance of...

BEETS - Golden Beets (4 g.) (220 seeds)


Beautiful golden color and exceptionally sweet flavor will delight and...

BROCCOLI - Decicco* (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


Old-Italian heirloom is best open-pollinated variety we have tested. Delicious, tender...

BROCCOLI - Waltham 29 (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


Delicious, dependable, variety bred to withstand especially cold weather late...

BRUSSELS SPROUT - Long Island Improved (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


America's most popular, open-pollinated brussels sprout. Taller, 24" stalks...

BUCKET OF SEEDS - High Altitude (32 Pkts. and Seed Saving Book)


Tested for high altitudes and suitable for long-term storage and seed saving.

BUCKET OF SEEDS - Seeds Trust (37 Pkts., Seed Saving Book)


Each can contains 37 seed packages of heirloom seeds...

CABBAGE - Early Mountain Wakefield (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


We have been selecting our own strain of this trusted...

CABBAGE - Golden Acre (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


Solid, round, 3-4 lb. grey-green heads on short-stemmed, erect plants...

CABBAGE, RED - Red Acre (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


Beautiful, red version of the famous golden acre with larger...

CABBAGE, SAVOY - Perfection (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


Savoy cabbage matures later than other cabbages, but survives late...

CARROTS - Carnival Clown (1 g.) (600 seeds)


A truly unique blend of multicolored carrots including a new pink...

CARROTS - Chanteney Royal (2 g.) (1200 seeds)


Recommended as the most dependable, large-storage carrot for use...

CARROTS - Rainbow Blend (2 g.) (1,200 seeds)


A colorful mixture of five varieties of baby carrots...

CARROTS - Scarlet Nantes (2 g.) (1200 seeds)


A timeless heirloom favorite. Bright-orange, very sweet, slightly tapered, 6-7" roots...

CARROTS, BABY - Little Finger (2 g.) (1200 seeds)


A delicious sweet baby carrot with a deep orange color excellent for eating fresh, canned, or pickled. 3" long 1" wide

CARROTS, BABY ROUND - Tonda Di Parigi (2 g.) (1200 seeds)


19th-century Parisian heirloom. An exceptional example of round or...

CAULIFLOWER - Early Snowball* (1/2 g.) (150 seeds)


The best available open-pollinated variety for home gardens! Good...

CELERY, CHINESE - Kan Tsai (1 g.) (400 seeds)


Numerous, slender, green stems form more of a rossette than...



Jump start your mouth watering summer green salad extravaganza...

CRESS - Curly Cress (1 g.)


Extremely early-maturing, serrated, bright-green, curly leaves have pleasant...

CRESS - Watercress (1/4 g.)


This special, broad-leaved variety is mildly pungent and selected...

ENDIVE, ESCAROLE - Broad-Leaf Batavian (1 g.) (700 seeds)


A favorite salad variety with wide, wavy leaves with cut...

ENDIVE, FRISEES - Tres Fine Maraichere* (1 g.) (700 seeds)


Crunchy white ribs and lightly colored, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery hearts...

GREENS - Claytonia (1/4 g.)


North Amercian native. If you are looking for survival green...

KALE - Dwarf Siberian* (1 g.) (300 seeds)


We think this very hardy kale should be in every...

KALE - Red Russian (1 g.) (300 seeds)


Dark green oak leaf cut leaves, may be richer in...

KALE - Vates Blue Curled (1 g.) (300 seeds)


One of the very best survival foods. Durable, delicious, finely...

LEEKS - King Richard (1/2 g.) (200 seeds)


This remarkable, regal, frost-hardy leek comes from Holland. King...

LETTUCE - Mesclun Mix (2 g.) (1600 seeds)


A proven winner with our customers. Plant salad, harvest salad.

LETTUCE, BIBB/LITTLE GEM - Little Gem (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Exquisite miniature with a tight , tender, blanched heart and especially...

LETTUCE, BUTTERHEAD - Buttercrunch Bibb* (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Butterhead. Dark-green leaves form small, compact rosettes around yellow...

LETTUCE, BUTTERHEAD - Merveille Des 4 Saisons 1 g. (800 seeds)


From France. Unique magenta, crisp outer leaves and pale, tender centers...

LETTUCE, BUTTERHEAD - Tom Thumb (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Ideal for small gardens and window boxes. Miniature butterhead...

LETTUCE, CRISPHEAD - Ithaca Head (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Crisphead. Still the standard open-pollinated market variety.  Consistently produces...

LETTUCE, CRISPHEAD - Summertime (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Our most reliable offering for crisp heads after summer temperatures get real hot...

LETTUCE, GREEN LEAF - Black Seeded Simpson (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Loosefleaf. Sets the standard by which to measure all looseleafs...

LETTUCE, GREEN LEAF - Oakleaf* (1 g.) (800 seeds)


This timeless heirloom has been listed in seed catalogs for generations...

LETTUCE, GREEN LEAF - Saladbowl* (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Loosefleaf. Delicious, medium-to-light green, looseleaf lettuce with highly...

LETTUCE, RED LEAF - Red Saladbowl* (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Fuller head and slightly more compact shape. Delicious. Withstands hot weather...

LETTUCE, ROMAINE RED - Cimmaron (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Our best selling romaine! Adds color to salads along with the unmistakable texture of a delicious romaine...

LETTUCE, ROMAINE RED - Rouge De Hiver (1 g.) (800 seeds)


An 1880's European heirloom with beautiful sweet, broad, flat, crisp...

LETTUCE, ROMAINE/COS - Paris Island Cos (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Dark-green, upright heads resist tip burn even in hot weather. Sweet, mild hearts...

LETTUCE, ROMAINE/COS - Winter Density (1 g.) (800 seeds)


Tall dark green heads and buttery hearts with a reputation...

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Results 1 - 50 of 84

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