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... of the World

There has never been a better opportunity to enjoy the magic of the wild in your home garden. Join us in the endless adventure of planting wildflowers. Feel free to experiment.

Some wildflowers not native to North America have proven themselves successful additions to our flower gardens. We found many varieties adaptable to our climate yet compatible with our natives. Our goal is to help you introduce new excitement and beauty without causing problems to our precious native landscape.

NOTE: Noxious weeds are plants that damage agriculture or the environment. Most states compile official lists of noxious weeds and restrict or ban their import. In the GRIN data base listed here you will find the state and federal lists of noxious weeds. Official lists vary from state to state, but here you can check to see if any plant is on any list:¨Ü We welcome your feedback about plants we sell you know to be destructive and/or restricted in your local area.

Each packet comes with its own planting instructions.¨Ü For additional detailed information see our wildflower information page.

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BISHOP'S FLOWER - Ammi majus (1 g.) (880 seeds)


North Africa. Romantic, 6" umbels of while lacy flowers are...

CATCHFLY - Silene armeria (1 g.) (9000 seeds)


Spectacular clusters of vibrant pink flowers top a bushy plant...

COLUMBINE, GARDEN MIXED - Aquilegia vulgaris 1/2 g. 370 seeds


Delicate violet, pink and white blossoms create an instant pastel bouquet...

DAISY, AFRICAN - Dimorphotheca sinuata (1 g.) (490 seeds)


Daisy-like flowers in apricot, salmon, yellow, cream and white with depth and...

LARKSPUR, ROCKET - Delphinium ajacis (1/2 g.) (170 seeds)


Mix of pastel colors. Attract hummingbirds with tall, pastel flowering stalks. Reseeds in the desert...

ROSE MALLOW - Lavatera trimestris (1 g.) (230 seeds)


Europe. Pink hollyhock-like blossoms crowd tall 3-5' stems. Perfect...

TIDY TIPS - Layia platyglossa (1/2 g.) (360 seeds)


Net Wt: 1/2 gr. Annual - Yellow daisies with neat, white...

WALLFLOWER, SIBERIAN - Cheiranthus allionii 1 g. 550 seeds


By far the most pleasingly aromatic flower in our garden...

YARROW, ROSE - Achillea millefolium (1/4 g.)


Corymbs of small pink flowers top lacy, fern-like foliage...

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