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Welcome to Seeds Trust!

 Plant Seeds, Harvest Change

Seeds Trust is a
30 year-old family
seed company

dedicated to teaching you to save your own seeds, grow a delicious home garden and create stunning native landscapes.  We sell heirloom seeds (passed on from generation to generation), open-pollinated seeds (will reproduce true to form) and organic vegetable, native wildflower, native grass and medicinal herb seeds. Search the entire Seeds Trust online seed catalog and enhance your selections with the seed catalogs listed belowLandscape professionals will be happy to find the list of all our wildflower, herb and grass selections sorted by scientific names.

Julia Coffey, President

High Altitude Gardens has been our resource since 1984 for thousands of extreme gardeners looking for exceptional flavor and trusted reliability in the coldest climates and shortest seasons.  Bill McDorman, the founder of Seeds Trust, and his father represent a total of more than 50 years experience growing gardens and seeds at high elevation.

The High High seed line is our newest venture for elevations above 8000 ft. We are starting with several tomato varieties grown and adapted to the Wet Mountains of Colorado. Though most of our seeds are high altitude and will flourish in cold climates and short seasons, this new line is specifically for those gardeners who are at the highest elevations and need a little extra magic to grow bountifully. 

Seeds Trust Southwest has been an incredible project. Having spent several years in the high desert of Arizona, we have made some fascinating discoveries. Many of our high altitude seeds do amazingly well in hot, dry places. Many seem to be adapted to extreme climates. Not only are they cold tolerant, many are heat tolerant as well!

The story of glass gem corn.  Seedsman Greg Schoen got the seed from Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee man, now in his 80's, in Oklahoma.  He was Greg's "corn-teacher".   Greg was in the process of moving last year and wanted someone else to store and protect some of his seeds.  He left samples of several corn varieties, including glass gem.  I  grew out a small handful this past summer just to see.  The rest, as they say is history.  I got so excited, I posted a picture on Facebook.  We have never seen anything like this.  Unfortunately, we did not grow out enough to sell.  Look for a small amount for sale starting in August 2011.   Thanks,  bill

Seeds Trust is probably most famous for its trip behind the Iron Curtain in 1989. Former president Bill McDorman personally carried back over 60 varieties of delicious tomatoes from Siberia and also made a good friend along the way.

Organic, heirloom, and native seeds are quickly increasing in popularity. Seeds Trust offers tips for understanding and purchasing these seeds.

Project Self Reliance (PSR) is our educational, non-profit organization providing sustainably oriented social services and programs for the community-at-large and youth-at-risk.

International Seed Saving Institute (ISSI), a branch of Project Self Reliance, is dedicated to saving seeds, seed-saving education, seed banks and self-reliance for peoples world-wide.



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